Some Things I’d Like to see Added to Cities: Skylines

I bought Cities: Skylines (and all DLC) at a recent Steam sale (June 22 was my purchase date) and have since put 40 hours in. This may not seem like a lot but I’m not the biggest fan of simulation games with the last one I put this much time into being Sims 2 back when it was still releasing expansions. This includes gameplay of no mods, a bunch of mods, only aesthetic mods, etc. Through this time I have found a number of things I think adding or changing would help improve gameplay (as well as realism for some parts). Since I’ve seen features from popular mods have been added through updates and DLC I hope some of these will be able to make it in eventually as well.

All Features of Traffic President

After first using this mod I can’t play the game without it anymore. This mod essentially gives you total control over your streets which would make sense to have if you were building (or running) a city. Some of the more useful things include being able to change what a vehicle in a specific lane can do at an intersection (so I can make turn lanes without widening the road), banning parking on roads (without lining them all with grass), altering the speed limit, banning certain vehicles from a road (useful for making a bus loop or emergency vehicle passage) and timing traffic lights. A feature was added that lets you change if an intersection has lights, stop signs or nothing but I like having a yeild sign that Traffic President provides as well.

Setting Garbage Truck (and hearse) Areas

I feel like I need a garbage facility and crematorium on every block or two because even if the indicator says one facility covers a certain area and there’s no traffic the trucks/hearses seem to take forever to get some places. I also notice garbage trucks driving from their facility all across town to a building right near another facility while the buildings near the original facility are moving out because of garbage piling up.

Bus Stops

Two things for this. One is there’s tons of room at the stops. Why can only one bus be boarding at once? I’ve watched a busy stop and a bus came that no one there wanted and no one got off. It just sat there while another route that the majority at that stop wanted sat behind it, basically pulled into the stop already, but couldn’t board. The other is the ability to turn off the feature that stops bus bunching. While on the surface and in suburban areas this might be nice but in the busy downtown core it ends up causing traffic back-ups since if two buses of the same route are right with each other the back one will just catch up again at the next stop because a different route also has two buses back to back. Maybe just make it so we can chose to turn it on or off for certain routes. Also if no one at the stop wants off and the bus is full it should just pass the stop. No point in stopping and holding up traffic.

Double Decker or Articulated Buses

As my city grew more and more people were demanding public transit. While I added metro and train lines to take people from key areas (usually near where I placed the bus loops so a number of buses were stopping there anyway) there were areas it wouldn’t make sense to put any rail that had well over 100 people waiting for the bus. I did find some mods for these two bus types which do boost the amount of passengers but it would be nice if they were added officially with an option to chose which routes they ran and how many of the buses on said route were each type. One of my routes is almost always at 80 passengers minimum and frequently completely fills (the double decker I found holds 110 people) yet the route only has 3 of the 26 buses as double decker. Adding more buses to try and help doesn’t work because they just back up traffic.

People Pull-Over for Emergency Vehicles

Is this not a law everywhere? Everywhere I’ve ever been if an emergency vehicle is coming with its lights and/or sirens on you’re supposed to pull over to the curb and let it pass. I’ve noticed a number of times where there’s lines of them stuck in traffic (sometimes behind buses just waiting for the previous bus to be far enough) and the other side of the road is completely clear. Most places I’ve been they’d drive down the other side until they got to an area they could move on the side they were supposed to be on. Also why do they stop for red lights? Everyone is supposed to stop when an emergency vehicle enters the intersection no matter what your light says.


Snowfall added maps with snow always on the ground and sometimes the snow piles up requiring you to plow the roads. The problem is the map is always snow covered and while it looks nice at first it does get boring quickly. It would be nice if snow was added as a weather feature if you have Snowfall so maps would sometimes get covered in snow. (let it be turned off like Natural Disasters though)


So what would you like added to Cities: Skylines? I’m sure there’s lots of other features that I didn’t think of or forgot that would be really nice.

Written by: Conor

Hi there. I’m Conor and I helped with the creation of Blazekick. I like video games, anime, manga and read visual novels. I do stuff relating to those on the site. I help run the Blazekick Twitter and Youtube accounts as well so drop by and say hi. My favorite games are Pokémon Emerald, The Walking Dead Season One, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, LittleBigPlanet 2, Tearaway and Uncharted 2.