Splatoon Press Release

unnamedNintendo has sent out a press release relating to their upcoming Wii U shooter, “Splatoon”. In it we get a description of single-player which allows you to try out and master different tricks against the antagonists, the Octarians that you can then use in multiplayer. There are also elements exclusive to single-player. Nintendo also goes into detail about two multiplayer modes in Splatoon. The first, “Turf War” is the main mode and the one revealed along with the game which has you try to cover as much territory in ink as possible. You do this in teams of 4-v-4 and gain levels as well as earn currency to unlock different pieces of clothing to customize your Inklings with. A brand new mode has been revealed called “Ranked Battle” which, as the name implies, keeps track of player rankings. One mode in Ranked Battle is “Splat Zones” which works more like a traditional shooter. In order to enter Splat Zones you will need to reach a rank of Level 10. Splat Zones will also not be available from the start and Nintendo will monitor ranks and when enough players reach Level 10 they will allow those players to join in. One last thing the press release doesn’t explicitly mention but I took from it is it appears there is no local multiplayer, only online. The modes we currently know of are confirmed to be online only so if you were hoping to play with friends in your house, it doesn’t appear likely you’ll be able to do so.


Written by: Conor

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