Splatoon – Watch the Squid Sisters Perform Live

Dreams really do come true!


Today marked the day when the Squid Sisters from Splatoon performed live in front of an actual audience (of kids and squids) for the first time. This appearance of the Squid Sisters took place at the Tokaigi Game Party Japan 2016 convention.

The Squid Sister’s performance was made thanks to the wonderful technology of holograms, the same tech that brings Hatsune Miku to life at her concerts. A live band was also used for this concert.

The concert was live-streamed on Niconico, a Japanese video sharing website, for those who couldn’t attend the event. If you’re like me and didn’t get to catch the live stream, well I got good news for you. Luckily YouTube user kuroneko0509 managed to capture the entire concert. So here it is, the Squid Sisters’ first ever live performance. Enjoy

Here’s hoping Nintendo brings Squid Sisters concerts to the west.

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Written by: Armando Orona

Aspiring journalist, College student with a dream of writing about video games for a living.