Strawberry Vinegar Review



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For whatever reason I’ve been reading a lot of yuri manga lately. I just find something innocent about the way they are often written as “forbidden love” that you don’t get in the standard boy/girl manga romance. There aren’t very many yuri visual novels that aren’t 18+ and even less are translated so seeing Sekai Project releasing ebi-hime’s new yuri title got me excited. The other half is food and who doesn’t love food, right?

Our story follows two potential lovers: Rie who is a cynical, almost tsundere, 9 year old girl and Licia. I can’t remember if Licia’s age is ever given but we quickly learn she is a demon sent to reap Rie’s soul. She agrees to let Rie continue on if she feeds her some delicious food everyday for a week. Demon weeks turn out to be only 6 days which gives Rie 6 meals to plan (which she really doesn’t give much urgency to thinking about it). The two lie to everyone saying Licia is from Norway (actually started as a misunderstanding as Hell is a town in Norway) and we watch 6 days fold out.2016-01-12_00009

The majority of the CG in the game are of food. This food looks amazing and is often accompanied by descriptions from Rie about what they’re about to eat. Twice I had to stop playing because I was getting too hungry to continue. A neat touch was adding achievements for each type of food. This made me feel like Licia as I was hunting for all the food opposed to the usual VN achievements consisting of “get __ ending” or “collect 25, 50, 75, 100% CG”. The rest of the CG were really well done as well with some (as well as backgrounds) looking like stills from a Kyoto Animation or Madhouse show. One graphics related complaint I did have was during the festival there’s some fireworks and to simulate what fireworks are like the images would alternate somewhat quickly. This made reading somewhat difficult as I kept getting distracted by the sudden flash.

Going back to character’s we have Rie’s dad who is probably my favourite character. He likes cooking, cleaning and sewing and just has some of the best dialogue through the story. Rie’s mom in an actor but I don’t feel that was played up enough. In the two endings I got she only really mentioned it a bunch and disguised herself when going out. With the personality she was presented with I’d expect posters for movies she was in around the house or to be hosting “family movie nights” but this was all likely omitted due to being a short novel with most the focus being on Rie and Licia and isn’t bad or anything, just a wish of mine.


There are quite a few interesting touches added to make the experience even more enjoyable. The title screen changes when you get (what I assume to be) the true ending and you unlock a bunch of notes about the development from ebi-hime which I always enjoy. The music wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t anything special. There were also no voices and I did like the use of sound effects.

Written by: Conor

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