Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment Review



I first heard about this game from my friend Kris.  It was before I got into the anime but after watching the entire first season in 2 days I was semi-sold( That second part though). So there was no doubt that I wouldn’t want to play this game. From footage online it looked like a good time but we’ll just have to find out if it actually was a “Good Time”.


maxresdefaultThe game actually is based off a previous game in the series called “Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment”.The story is in a different timeline of the main story, the one that everyone is familiar with. the same events have occurred that happened in the show but they’re trapped and forced to explore the new area of Aincrad, the “Hollow Area”.

The game has really basic controls,aswell, as a tag system that you can use with a party member. Most of these party members range from characters from the series (Like Asuna and Leafa)as well as a couple new faces. But the gameplay gets stale and repetitive, while the boss battles come off as a little “unfair”. Often tacking on some effect if you’re hit (Like poison) just add some “difficulty” in staying alive. Not to mention objectives were never really obvious on where you needed to go and I often found myself seeking help when playing this game. There was also some dating sim type elements but they weren’t anything outside of “neat”.

There’s a couple things that bother me about the game. The fact that it’s kind of difficult controlling your character as well as fighting with your partner. If you play without being in a party you kinda are just asking to be killed. Then finally,my biggest gripe with this game,for a game based around a show about an MMORPG and despite being called “Sword Art Online” there is only Local Multiplayer only. Also seeing how the the game came out as a,digital only title(In the US) for $39.99, you were probably going to be playing alone.


swordartHFscreen2-720x408The graphics were not the selling point of this game for me (all of which were from my liking of the first half of the show).  They resemble that of a game made for the Play Station 2 and outside of the main characters’ models, everyone else looks extremely bland. The textures don’t look all that great but the backgrounds do however look pretty alright. They were probably the best part of the games graphics.

The cut scenes however were pretty good. The ones re-creating the scenes from the show were great and the ones made specifically for the game we’re good. I only wished they would of added more of them into the game to break up moments in the game. Rather than just having walls upon walls of text that you have to click through.

The voice acting was completely in Japanese (with English subtitles). And I believe all the voice actors from the show reprise there roles in this game. With my favorite voice clip being Kirito yelling in the first cut scene while fighting Heathcliff. On the other hand, the music is extremely bland and forgettable. After playing for awhile, I found myself getting tired of hearing the same song and just ended up turning on some Keith Sweat,TLC,Mark Morrison,etc. just to have something decent to listen to.


Written by: Zetus Lapetus Jafar