Recovery of an MMO Junkie Review

Recovery of an MMO Junkie follows Moriko Morioka, a 30 year old NEET who recently quit her job and proceeds to start playing an MMO. She decides to play the roll of a male named “Hayashi” and ends up meeting a cute girl named “Lily” who is played by a

Ratchet and Clank (PS4) – Review

One of the most iconic dynamic duos in video game history have returned in a brand new game based on the movie, based on the game. Yes, you read that correctly; this game is based on the movie (releasing April 29th) that’s based on the original game made back in

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Review

  I played the original Pokémon Emerald Version game in 2007 at the age of nine and at the time I thought it was the best game ever. I remember playing through the game, only using my starter, Swampert to beat it and even though I was foolish at the

Akame ga Kill! (Anime) Review

Back when I first started watching anime in July I was only watching one anime that was still airing, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures: Stardust Crusaders. I liked watching an anime while it was airing and decided to take on some more. I looked into what a couple of my friends were

Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix Review

After a couple of years of releasing various Kingdom hearts spin-offs across plenty of different platforms, Square is stringing the story together into two nice collections that give you the whole story in one convenient place in tasty HD. Today I am reviewing the second collection, Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMix, which

Hyrule Warriors Review

Hyrule Warriors is a game Featuring characters from The Legend of Zelda Series, in a “Dynasty Warriors” like gameplay environment. While the game strays from being your “Traditional” Legend of Zelda game, it makes for a fun adventure using your favorite characters from the series to destroy large hoards of