Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 (Spoiler Free) Review


Those who may know me (or read my bio on the site) will know that Season One of this series was one of my favourite games of all time. I really liked the emphasis on story and how it worked like a “chose your own adventure” story, only with tons of choices that may affect nothing, little, or major plot points. I was really excited for season two (which luckily I didn’t have to wait very long as I got the Vita bundle a couple months before Season Two started) and couldn’t wait to see what would happen to Clementine as pretty much everyone she was traveling with dies in the first season. Now do I think Season Two holds up to Season One? Let’s see.


If you’ve played any of Telltale’s recent games you’ll understand how this one works very quickly. In case you haven’t the majority of the game is played by watching cut scenes which you can alter exactly how they play out with prompts using the face buttons choosing what Clementine will say or how she’ll act. There are also points which will have you walk around having to pick things up or talk to certain people but these are fairly rare. There are also moments (during combat or other high action areas) that feature quick time events. These require you to mash a specific button as quickly as possible, tilt the analog sticks in certain patterns or shoot walkers by moving the cursor over them and pressing a trigger button. All these control methods work fine although I found the parts you move Clementine around to be the weakest. There was nothing wrong with them I just didn’t really like how they worked in a game with very few moments where you move the characters yourself.

As I mentioned in the intro you make choices through the game. Some of this are “how direct will you be asking the question” or “what did the person say that got you the most curious”. For the most part these choices affect very little in the actual story aside from giving different dialogue. There are the major choices however. There are five per episode (and you can see how you compare with others afterwards) and these affect the game a lot more. My problem with these was a lot of the time the same outcome arrives just with a different way of getting there so it doesn’t feel like you changed anything. There are only a couple exclusions I can think of that won’t get you the same outcome but most (even if it takes awhile) will. Really this is my biggest issue with the game and I really hope the might fix this in Season Three (although with both Seasons One and Two as well as from what I hear The Wolf Among Us not doing anything different in this regard I doubt it).


The art style used is great. It’s not the most amazing thing you’ll look at but I find it really pleasing. The cell shading mixed with the nice overdrawn outlines just has this really good look that not many other games come close to. As great as the game looks however I did have frame issues. Often when I died or when a new area was loaded (after an action scene or you just got to a new area) the sound would load a couple seconds before the graphics would. When they did come on the frame rate would drop for a few seconds. Not too much of an issue but I still need to bring it up.


Season Two of The Walking Dead was really well done. I still think I’d give a slight edge to Season One but that might be because it was something new for me while Season Two had fairly similar gameplay. If you’ve been holding off this long I’d suggest waiting for the collection to release (confirmed to be on PS4 and Xbox One as well if you want it on them) as getting it that way is generally cheaper. The Walking Dead Season 2 was a really good game. I hope Season 3 switches up enough up so the series doesn’t start to get stale but I’m still looking forward to it!

Written by: Conor

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