The Devil on G-String – G-Senjou no Maou Review


Earlier this year I played a visual novel called “G-Senjou no Maou” which became one of my favourites. Without spoiling anything the epilogue for the true route is my favourite visual novel ending of all time and probably would still rank high is I compared it to pretty much any other ending I’ve read or seen. Unfortunately due to my personal policy on reviewing visual novels I’ve been unable to talk about it, until now as Sekai Project has officially released G-Senjou no Maou as “The Devil on G-String – G-Senjou no Maou” on Steam (G-String as in violin you perverts!) so I can finally talk about it! Let’s get into the review!

*A review code has been supplied by Sekai Project.

*I will be using provided screenshots as Steam’s screenshot option wasn’t working for me for some reason



Our protagonist is the adopted son of a fictional yakuza boss, Kyousuke Azai. He’s a self proclaimed womanizer and an all around asshole. To go along with him is his best friend Aizawa Eiichi who is similar but puts on a front of being a sweet and innocent boy. Kyousuke’s adopted father Gonzou Azai also appears fairly frequently. There are four heroine for you to chose. Tsubaki Miwa who is the class representative and worries more about others than herself, Kanon Azai who is Kyousuke’s step sister (Gonzou’s actual daughter) and a top tier figure skater who is (as Aizawa says) good enough for the Olympics, Mizuha Shiratori who is quiet, dislikes people and is the daughter of the owner of the school the story takes place in and lastly, Haru Usami, the main heroine who appears to be keeping a ton of secrets. She’s also an armature detective. We also get introduced to Yuki Tokita who knows a lot about criminal psychology and is acquainted with Haru. She doesn’t have a route but we do learn her backstory during someone else’s. We also have our main antagonist Maou who, as we see in the opening, has something to do with Haru. All the characters are well written and work with the story very well.

As mentioned above Gonzou is Kyousuke’s adopted father and the leader of the yakuza making Kyousuke participate in their activities. Being that this is technically a dating sim it’s very interesting having a protagonist who prioritizes making money over people (as you can see in character routes). The story is also set up into chapters which isn’t anything new but in The Devil on G-String chapters basically focus on a specific character (1 Intro, 2 Tsubaki, 3 Kanon, 4 Mizuha, 5 Haru) with your interactions with them (usually based on some event related to Maou) determining if you continue down the common route or going into that specific character route. This set up does make it hard to talk about the story without spoilers as the amount I’d normally go is setting up characters and future plot elements and if I go further I’d be spoiling Tsubaki’s route while giving no one else attention. I did enjoy all the routes but I found after the time skip in Mizuha’s route the quality dropped a bit.

I don’t really have any issues. I guess it’s not as good reading through the second time ass during the set up I kept thinking (and eventually just did) about skipping to when it gets good.

I should also mention, while I don’t mind either way this is the all-ages version and Denpasoft has made no mention of carrying a 18+ version.



The Devil on G-String has been updated to play in 16:9. Depending on which pictures I chose to use you may notice some CG look cut off. While some look a little bad (such as one of the first scenes with the city cut out) I didn’t have an issue with most and I can understand why they would chose this over getting the artists to redraw (if that is even possible it would probably be too expensive to be worth it). Other than that the CGs do look nice and the sprites look great and very expressive. I found it funny how the cutting off was used to censor a CG later on for some reason.


Both the soundtrack and voice work are fantastic. The Steam release added a little pop-up each time a song played telling you the title and what song it’s based on. Pretty much every song is based on some classical song, even the common day theme, and they are great remixes. The original songs are great too! For character voices I can’t think of any I don’t like with standouts being Horibe (yakuza member), Maou, Kanon, Aizawa, Haru and Gonzou. You can also buy the VN without voices for a lower cost but unless you’re really tight on cash I’d suggest buying the version with them as they really do add to the experience.

Written by: Conor

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