The Doctor Who Season 9 Trailer Has Been Launched


Earlier today, the BBC posted a video on their site showing new insight on what’s coming in the newest episode of Doctor Who. In the trailer, which is only 20 seconds long, we can see two possibly new enemies, the Master, the Daleks, and, of course, Clara and The Doctor.

From what it seems, it looks like The Doctor and Clara go to an alien planet in the distant future to help the little boy who is screaming for help. My guess is the man in the hood is the leader of a cult-like group or civilization (you can see another person in a cloak with a torch behind him) and that he summoned the hands with eyes from the ground. How the Master and the Daleks fit into this is beyond me, but we’ll just have to wait until September 19th to see it.

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Written by: GeminiTrinity

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