The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 1 Review


This review will be a little different and that’s because the full game isn’t out yet. How this will work is I will be doing short reviews for each episode then when I’ve done all five I will post a bigger review going more in depth. Keep in mind this review will probably contain spoilers and I would strongly suggest playing the game before reading it. I’m sorry but for a game that relies 99% on story there really isn’t any other way of doing it.

When I bought my Vita it came with the full season of The Walking Dead Season 1 and 400 Days DLC. Since I hadn’t played the game before (and it was the only thing I had) I decided to play through it. I instantly fell in a love with the point and click style story telling I wasn’t expecting (only Telltale game I’d played before this was their Strongbad series) and I quickly learned not everyone would survive until the end. I started liking characters more and others less and most my choices were to keep the ones I liked alive. Fast forward two months and Episode 1 of Season 2 is finally out. How does it stand up to Season 1? Let’s see.


As previously mentioned The Walking Dead is a Point and Click game with a heavy emphasis on story. There isn’t much gameplay besides “move the cursor” “move Clementine some points” “hit 1 of 4 choices to decide what your doing” and “mash a specified button to struggle or run” The only problem I had with any of these were parts when you have to swivel the analog stick a certain direction like horizontal, diagonal, etc. I had some trouble with diagonal and I’m not totally sure if that completely has to do with the game or it was me/my controller as I haven’t seen the complaint brought up very often. Another issue I had were frame issue. Keep in mind I was playing on PS3 so there is no way it was hardware issues. It happened most often when the screen went to black a few seconds afterwards would lag. Also at this point sound would usually load first which if the screen was black because I died (which it was most often) I was always scared I’d lose again as I would hear Clementine gasp out or a crazed man screaming curses at me. I did have the sounds issue with Season 1 on my Vita so I’d assume this is a thing with how the inner mechanics work.

The story is, again well written. I honestly thought they’d try something new by giving the dog as a partner and I too thought Clementine was screwed when it bit her as no one would want to help someone with a giant bite on their arm. I also like the clear parallels Telltale were clearly putting between Season 1 characters and Season 2 such as Christa and Rebecca both being pregnant.


The graphics still look very much like the First Season’s did and I don’t have any problem with them. They look nice and unique and I like the cell shading. Everything is distinct looking and nothing really get’s lost in the world. The graphics aren’t super realistic, but then again they weren’t meant to be. There really isn’t much to say about them. They look great.


Besides the sound error I mentioned earlier there again isn’t much wrong with it. All the voices work for the characters and I didn’t see any desync. The subtitles sometimes loaded a bit late though but don’t think that’s entirely the game’s fault as I’ve seen many others games on the PS3 have issues loading them at parts on time. Again though there really isn’t much to say about the sound without repeating myself.


The game is really fun and emotional. I’d suggest playing through Season 1 before this as it is a direct continuation and you may not understand some references. Reading the comic or watching the TV show are not required. Something else to note quickly is your choices carry over from Season 1 but I really wish they had released all version at the same time. I really didn’t want to wait for the undefined time for the Vita release to learn what happens so my choices now don’t have any meaning in the game which sucks. I’d strongly suggest purchasing this season if you enjoyed Season 1 and to try the series with Season 1 if you haven’t already as they are definitely different than what you are used to.

Gameplay: 9/10

Graphics: 10/10

Sound: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10

Written by: Conor

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