The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2 Review


This review will be a little different and that’s because the full game isn’t out yet. How this will work is I will be doing short reviews for each episode then when I’ve done all five I will post a bigger review going more in depth. Keep in mind this review will probably contain spoilers and I would strongly suggest playing the game before reading it. I’m sorry but for a game that relies 99% on story there really isn’t any other way of doing it.

I enjoyed season 1 in full and quite liked episode 1 of season 2 (as shown here) so I’ve been waiting a few months and finally episode 2 is here. Is it as fun as the previous episode? Also I’ve decided a different approach to this review (otherwise I’d just be copying and pasting the graphics and sound parts as they are the exact same) so I hope you enjoy!


Pretty much the same as this is an episodic series. You return to the house and Rebecca and Carlos rush out looking for the others with you left to look after Sarah and keep her company. Upon entering her room a picture will be taken of you and she requests you take one of her. After doing so a man will show up at the door. Clementine tries keeping the secret of the family from him as Sarah is obviously scared but fails due to him seeing the picture. He warns Clementine before leaving not to trust Luke and gang. When the group gets back he is revealed to be Carver, the leader of a group the were with and decide to get away. After a few days the get to an old ski resort (after Nick accidentally takes him as a threat) and find one of Clementine’s old friends. That’s all I’m going to write out here as I feel saying anymore will spoil stuff but let me say, I like the inclusion of the 400 Days characters and I want to learn how they got in the situation they are in.


The episode feels like it has more parts where you walk around in but also having less action type scenes. There are some but they mostly play out in cut scene form with a few Quick-Time events thrown in. I actually don’t mind this as if you’ve read my last review you’ll know I had some issues with the analog stick on diagonal movements but even in those style QTEs I didn’t have a problem. In fact I didn’t even test dying because I never died. This episode did feel like it had more violence from the last one (mainly one scene near the end) but I feel it wasn’t violence for the sake of violence and actually helped set the tone.


This episode was just as fun as the last. If you enjoyed the first you probably already have bought this episode but if you are just checking out you definitely want to pick up episode 1 first as your choices do matter. This episode also gets a 9.5 from me. Get it now!

Written by: Conor

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