The Wolf Among Us: Season 1 Review



The Wolf Among Us, a game made by Telltale Games, the same company that made 2012’s game of the year, The Walking Dead. After I had beaten season one of The Walking  Dead, I heard about Telltale’s new game, The Wolf Among Us, and I was intrigued. I was originally going to wait for it’s final release to disc, but because I could not wait longer for season two of The Walking Dead, I purchased it on the Playstation Store. Did I find it to be a howlin’ good time? Or a tale that should have never been told? Let’s find out! (Warning, there may be spoilers. If you do not want the story to be spoiled for you, but still want to know how the game is, look at the scores at the bottom!)



If you’ve played The Walking Dead, you should be familiar with the gameplay of The Wolf Among Us. The gameplay is mainly point and click, and a lot of dialogue as well. You will be given choices for what you want to say at some points in the dialogue to dictate how you want your character to be. Just like The Walking Dead. You will sometimes be given quick-time events thrown at you during fights, chases etc. But unlike other games, if you fail a quick-time event, the story may continue on and not let you try it again. I liked this because it made you feel like you could have done something else, and it felt like you truly make a difference. The whole game has a “choose your own adventure” whether it’s what you say to different characters, actions, choosing whether someone lives or dies, you will always be deciding things that will advance YOUR story, and it was fun to play through.

The story follows Bigby Wolf. The sheriff of Fabletown, a town of fables using a spell called glamours, to disguise themselves too look like humans. The main story follows Bigby’s quest to track down the murders going on in the town. During the story, you’re going to be questioning people (and deciding how you question them), getting into fights, and examining different areas for clues and evidence. Helping you, is Snow White, Bigby’s love interest I suppose. (The fact Bigby is infatuated with her is mentioned maybe once in episode one). You can choose how you want to interact with her and everyone in Fabletown as you meet them. Along the way, you meet different characters and question them on different things that are going on. You can catch them in their lies, or not, as you try to solve the case.

The end of episode one (spoilers) was really cool when you see Snow White’s supposed head on your doorstep. It was cool to see how the characters dealt with it in episode two and how you wanted to see Bigby deal with it. Here’s the only thing though. I felt Telltale mad a cop out when it is shown that Snow is alive because she was supposedly dead for maybe half an episode. Later on in the game, as the episodes go by, you get to meet other characters such as the Jersey Devil, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (even though you meet Dee and Dum in episode one) Bloody Mary, and the main antagonist, the Crooked Man. He is first mentioned mainly in episode three, when you find out that Crane, Bigby’s boss, was in debt to him. You later find out that many other characters are working for him and that he’s responsible for ruining Fabletown.  To avoid spoiling more, episodes three and five were my favorites in season one, and many of you who played the game for yourself may agree, episode five had probably the coolest climax in the season, maybe out of all of Telltale’s works.






The graphics are no different from The Walking Dead‘s graphics. They’re cell shaded graphics and I liked them. There were some glitches, especially with episode five but that was probably because I played it the day of release. There were also transition problems sometimes from shot to shot which bugged me, but I liked the graphics none the less. They look like they were drawn for a comic book and that is exactly how they were meant to look. There’s not too much to say about the graphics, but they looked great and I liked them.




When it comes to sound, there wasn’t really anything wrong with it. I noticed desync with the voices in episode five, but besides episode five I couldn’t notice any other desync. The voices were well casted, and I enjoyed listening to them, especially the Crooked Man’s voice. I don’t know why, but I liked how the antagonist had such a calm voice as apposed to the rest of the cast. As for music, the only real music I heard was in the credits of each episode, and on the title screen. I really liked the jingle on the title screen, it felt like you were in a typical detective environment, and I even sometimes actually whistle the jingle. I liked the sound in the game, I think from the title screen to the credits, it really shows the tone of the game and the story, which I enjoyed.



Written by: Jay

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