Tomodachi Life Review


When I first heard of the weird 3DS that was in Japan and involved using your Miis you have created of yourself, friends, family, celebrities, and pretty much anyone you could think of, I could have cared less. I used to play the Sims but haven’t played that in a long time and the only other simulation game I’ve enjoyed is Animal Crossing due to playing with friends and interacting with all the different villagers. After the Nintendo Direct, Nintendo uploaded to announce the games release in North America I got super excited. Again it wasn’t due to the life simulation parts but the humor the game held. Did I end up enjoying it? Does it replace New Leaf?



The main control scheme of the game is using the touch screen. Pretty much all the action takes place here, meaning you drag the stylus to feed Miis, give them items, interact with them, etc. Interacting with your Miis will give them happiness points. When they get enough points they will level up and you will be able to give them a gift. These include new songs to sing at the Concert Hall, new designs for their apartments, an item you can only get through here such as a 3DS XL, Kite, Hula Dancing Lessons etc, a catchphrase (which they’ll say sometimes) or pocket change (I’ve yet to figure out the exact advantage to choosing this and its tiny placement on the screen makes me think Nintendo didn’t either).

Things Miis may want include new clothes, new apartment, new hat, food, drink, to play a game, to meet a new friend, to hook two other Miis up, or even to fall in love themselves. Each Mii has foods they love, like, are indifferent to, don’t like and hate. Each will give (with hate and don’t like taking away) a different amount of happiness points. Once Miis of the opposite genders have been hanging out with each other for a while you may notice a heart at their apartment window. When this happens it means they would like to ask another Mii out and be as the game calls it “Sweetheart” to do this you must organize a way for them to ask the other Mii out. I chose song because I find those to be the funniest. While you’re doing this is there’s another Mii that wants to go out with the one being asked out they will interrupt and the Mii must make a choice.

HNI_0010 If the Mii says no the other one will be plunged into depression or if they say yes than the two Miis will start dating and may stare at each other with hearts. They will also go on rants and actually go out on dates. Miis can also break up which also gets both depressed. When depression hits Miis won’t want to do much. To get them out you can feed them their favourite foods or give them items and clothing. I find it’s cheaper and easier to just wait an hour to a couple days, depending on why they got sad, as you just won’t get problems from them. Sometimes if it can be solved by only giving them a single item I will do it but that’s very rare.

Something else is things change daily. This isn’t like Animal Crossing where your Miis won’t notice if you don’t visit them every day but different food, clothes, hats and rooms will be on sale everyday so if you want to get everything make sure to check in daily! There are also events at different places. The fountain hosts a rap battle for an hour every night (that only uses predetermined phrases and often rappers lose to people who would never win against a toothpick) or an RPG style adventure at the amusement park that I honestly found quite boring. These can be a good distraction but for the most part they were really only fun one or two times.HNI_0020

Now onto the stuff I didn’t like. Everything is kind of random. If you want to set up two specific Miis and they aren’t the first few you add it can take forever to get them to meet. I have two Miis I’m trying to set up and they haven’t even met yet, never mind gotten close enough to be sweethearts. Also even if you check and two Miis want to be in a relationship it can take forever for one of them to decide to ask the other out. The same goes for proposing as I had two Miis that wanted to get proposed for a while and at the time of writing neither have done anything in that sense. My main issues with the random though is problems. Sometimes you get tons of problems all at once and can’t keep up with them all, while other times you are sitting there hoping someone needs something just to get that they want a new hat or a very specific food you don’t have access to yet. This made the game very boring at points while overwhelming at others and it could have been helped easily by having a maximum and minimum problem count. Another issue was even though the humor was great it kind of ran out after a while. I knew it would get to that point eventually but I’ve already seen most the jokes and stuff (or just getting very unlucky with repeats) in under a week. This does not make me want to continue coming back to the game if I’ve already done everything in a weeks time. HNI_0098Graphics:

The game looks fairly good. With most the action taking place on the bottom screen the 3D really isn’t used very much There are some real images used in comedic purposes and all of them also look pretty good. The Miis look just like they always do except more custom with things such as hats and clothing to make them look even more like you or your friends. I never noticed any lag or frame skips but the game really wasn’t taking much power from the 3DS to run. There really isn’t much to talk about the graphics, they are nothing special but work for what they are needed for.HNI_0017


The game was fun. For the first day or so. After that I found I would check in once in a while but the randomness and early repetition of humor made the game kind of boring. Maybe if you had more actual control over how the Miis lived their lives or could chose when to do certain things I’d have more fun but really it ran out of steam after a few days. I cannot currently recommend getting this game. Maybe if you can find a good deal it is a nice time waster but I don’t feel like it is worth buying for full price.

Written by: Conor

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