What I Want to See in Love Live Sunshine


Many members of Blazekick have watched (and more often than not, enjoyed) the Love Live School Idol Project anime series. Needless to say us (and many other anime fans) are looking forward to the follow-up “Love Live Sunshine” now that μ’s is finished and Aqours is starting up. We currently have quite a bit of information about characters but very little on actual story, so I thought it would be fun to write about what I’m hoping to see in said story. Keep in mind this is just stuff I thought about in a few hours and I’m not an anime writer nor would I think this stuff is required to make the series enjoyable.

Firstly I’d like a similar but not exact start to chapter 1 of the manga. Chika (The Honoka of Aqours) is a fan of μ’s and is inspired by them saving their school by becoming school idols. We see her watching recordings of μ’s performances as well as practicing her dancing. One change I’d like to see is to have her actually go to a μ’s concert. The rest of the chapter has Chika trying to convince Kanan to join her plan which is pretty similar to Honoka/Umi and is probably going to stay.


Something I’d like to see changed from the previous series is use of eventual members as roadblocks. Kanan seemed a lot more willing to at least humor Chika than Umi was, but in School Idol Project Maki, Eli and Nico all did something at first, which was really done to stop Honoka forming μ’s. They all had their reasons but it was a little annoying when the opening shows all 9 and there’s multiple singles with all 9 out before the anime airs that needless obstacles were added. Yes the series needs some challenges for Chika to overcome but why make them non-issues since we know they’ll be resolved. Maybe make the principal be against Dia joining because it will interfere with student council or have someone’s over protective parent force them to quit (which could add a similar arc to Kotori’s while still being different) or have Chika get sick the day before a live (not from overwork like Honoka but just a cold or something). There’s lot’s of challenges the writers could introduce aside from a character not wanting to help and seemingly going out of their way to stop the group from forming but with how Kanan is in the manga and the description of Dia it seems I’m not going to get my wish on this one.

Another is differentiate more from μ’s. We have Chika basically being Honoka 2.0, Dia is the student council president, Ruby seems like a combo of Kotori and Hanayo with Maki’s money, Mari is blond and half Japanese, Riko (from the Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? PV) seems like she’ll cause the same roadblock as Maki, both μ’s and Aqours started by a second year to save their school from shutting down and were inspired by another group (A-Rise and μ’s respectively) and both have 3 girls from each year. This is already quite a bit from a series we don’t know much about and I’ve probably missed some stuff. I want Aqours to be able to stand on their own and not seem like Sunrise is just sticking to a formula that worked once and hoping it will work again.


My final thing is is to actually incorporate the Sub-units somehow. The first series kind of referenced them when the group was at Maki’s vacation home by splitting them up into the groups but never once mentioned: Bibi, Lily White or Printemps or gave any indication they would make songs together in these groups. Maybe there could be a spin-off Love Live or something that limits group size so they split into the sub-units and compete with each other. That in itself could add something interesting and different from the first series.

Overall these are just personal wishes that as I mentioned, were thought up without much effort or experience writing anime. Most of them were things I’ve been hoping for or were things I would have changed from Love Live School Idol Project anyway. If you have any thoughts of things you’d like to see in Love Live Sunshine I’d love to hear them in the comments or on Twitter.

Written by: Conor

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