WWE 2K14 Review

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WWE has released many games over the years annually, this years installment, WWE 2K14, has taken WWE games to the next level, and is also the only sports entertainment game I own, and I am proud to say that I love this game, let’s find out why.


WWE 2K14’s story is simple. Every year WWE holds their annual Pay-Per-View, Wrestlemania. In this game, the thirty years wrestlemania has been a Pay-Per-View has been recreated into the story. You will be reliving the best matches and events that occurred during these thirty years. The matches even looked the way they did when they first aired on television. This is cool and all to relive the past, however I like the suspense filled twists that are in most stories, and this story does not have it, since a lot of fans have seen these events on television, or on the internet if it was before their time. While playing through the story, you can also unlock many things like other characters, past Wrestlemania arenas and past championships if you do the historical events that are given to you during the matched. This is a cool way to encourage you to play through the story and finish it 100%, and it rewards you for doing it.


After completing the story, you can play matches with your friends or computer players. Unlike the story where you have to play as a certain character for each match, in multiplayer mode, you can play as any WWE superstar or Diva on the roster you wish to play as, whether it be Hulk Hogan, or The Rock. The matches in this game look realistic, the superstars even have their own entrances like the ones they have on the show. In the ring, each superstar and diva has their own signature and finisher move, and their own taunts. This adds uniqueness to each wrestler and it makes you want to see them all. I even still get chills from seeing Rey Mysterio’s 619. The combat itself however is on the fence. It feels like a typical match to a certain extent. For example, when you are punching your opponent, it feels like they are sped up to a point where it is inhumanly possible. This takes the realistic feel out of the matches which was really disappointing to see. Especially since the last game, WWE ’13 felt more realistic in this matter.


I should also mention the defeat the streak modes featuring The Undertaker. In WWE, The Undertaker has a streak of 21-0 at Wrestlemania and they made a gameplay mode revolving around it. You can either defend the streak, and play as The Undertaker, which is pretty much pin as many superstars as you can before you get pinned, or you can try to beat the streak, this is like an optional boss fight that you can try to defeat. Overall this mode is okay, but I feel that the defend part doesn’t really show off his streak since The Undertaker never had to fight superstars off one by one on TV. However, it’s a fun thing to do after the main story, or during it if you feel like taking a break from it.


Along with the fighting, you also have a massive creation feature. You can create almost anything, from superstars, to finishers, to even championships, there is a lot to create. They did have creation in WWE’13, but they added more creation to this game, and it is almost flawless. The only downside to the creation that made me feel like they took a step down, was the entrance videos. In WWE ’13, you could create a personal entrance for a custom superstar, or an existing one in the WWE, and it seems they took it out in this game. This is a shame because it makes the created characters feel like they were created, whereas when you could make your own entrance video last year, it felt more like your character was a part of the main roster.



The graphics in this game is where I feel this game fails at the most. Yukes failed to add any graphic improvements in my eyes. They looked exactly the same as WWE ’13’s and it was really disappointing. I even went back to playing WWE ’13 to compare, and sure enough, they were the same. Don’t get me wrong, they look great, but I feel that they could improve on it a bit more. Which they unfortunetly did not. Here is a comparison between the Rock from WWE ’13 and WWE 2K14 to show you what I mean.



The sound in this game is great. When the superstars are entering, their music sounds like the music on TV. It feels great to hear “Cult of Personality” in this game and see CM Punk enter to it. There isn’t really much else to say, the entrance music is phenomenal. But, WWE has commentary during the matches, and also before, the only problem is that there is no dynamics to the commentary in this game. It repeats the same couple of lines over, and over again and it is a shame. I really would have liked to see some more dynamic commentary, that’s what spices up the matches on television, and it feels like something is missing without it.

Written by: Jay

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