Xbox Live Games with Gold – July 2015


Another month has come where we receive new games from Microsoft’s online service, Xbox Live. This month’s Games with Gold features four new games never seen on GwG (which is surprising seeing as we had Pool Nation FX for 3 months, straight).

First up, we have the Xbox 360 games. From July 1st – July 15th, we have Plants vs. Zombies (14.99 USD), a tower defense strategy game from Popcap Games. From July 16th- July 31st, we have Gears of War 3 (19.99 USD), a third person shooter from Epic Games. The only game missing, now, would be Gears of War 2, and Games with Gold members will have received the entire series, to date.

On Xbox One, for the entire month of July, Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (29.99 USD) is being featured, after being on the 360 Games with Gold last month. Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag is a pirate-styled action-adventure from Ubisoft, and is the 6th entry in the series. Up next, we have a new game called So Many Me (14.99 USD), a puzzle game from Extend Interactive. This game will be featured from July 16th – August 15th, the first game to be featured in two different months (minus Pool Nation FX, because they just kept throwing that at us without warning). It was also be the first game to be put into the Games with Gold system on it’s release date.

That’s a total of $79.96 worth of free games this month. Not bad, if I say so myself. What do you think of the lineup this month? Comment down below what you want to see or Tweet us at the BlazeKick Twitter or my personal Twitter.

Written by: GeminiTrinity

I'm a Communications major/Business major at New England College. I'm also an aspiring Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Producer, and Actor. I also make music videos, skits, and "Let's Plays" for YouTube.