Xbox Live Games with Gold – May 2016


Another month has come which means a new set of games are given out for free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Last month, we received Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One as well as Dead Space and Saints Row IV for the Xbox 360 (and Xbox One through backwards compatibility).

For Xbox One from May 1st to May 31st, Gold subscribers will be receiving Defense Grid 2 ($14.99 USD), a tower defense game created by Hidden Path Entertainment (known for Counter Strike: Global Offensive). In Defense Grid 2, the player takes control of the Commander as you build traps, guns, and other buildings to stop the aliens from reaching the power core. Upgrades are available as the player progresses to fight the many different types of aliens, forcing the player to change up their tactics.CostumeQuest2_Screen_04

From May 16th – June 15th, we’ll be receiving Double Fine Productions’ (known for Psychonauts) Costume Quest 2 ($14.99 USD), a cartoon-styled role playing game. You play as a trick-or-treater as you travel through different places trying to stop Dr. Orel White from banishing Halloween. You must go through the neighborhoods looking for kids, candy, and costume items to level up and stop the evil doer from succeeding. Interestingly, when a battle occurs, the kids turn into the monsters that they are portraying through the use of their costumes.

Now, for Xbox 360, from May 1st – May 15th we’ll receive GRID 2 ($24.99), a racing game created by Codemasters (known for the Dirt series). GRID 2 is the sequel to Race Driver: Grid, a racing game rdgrid2-1367403313_5180eb312a3e4created back in 2008 by the same developer. An investor, known as Patrick Callahan, enlists the player into a driving circuit as the player goes through races throughout the world unlocking new vehicles and gaining fans in pursuit of being the World Series Racing champion.

And, finally, from May 16th – May 31st, PopCap Games’ (known for Plants vs Zombies) Peggle ($9.99 USD), a classic puzzle game. The goal of the main game, known as “Adventure Mode”, is for the player to remove all of the orange balls in the stage to progress and beat all fifty-five levels. There are other game modes included, such as “Challenge Mode” to face harder levels, “Duel Mode” to face against a player or computer, and “Peg Party” to face 3 other players. “Duel Mode” and “Peg Party” are for local and online multiplayer.

Well, this month seems to be a decent follow up to the amazing games we received last month. In total, we’re receiving $64.96 worth of games absolutely free, which is less than what we typically get, but they are free, after all. What do you think of this month’s games? What do you want to see in future months? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @BlazeKickTweet or at my personal Twitter, @GeminiTrinity.

Written by: GeminiTrinity

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