Xbox Live Games with Gold – October 2015


A new month has come, meaning a new set of games will be available for absolutely no charge!

First off, on Xbox 360, we have Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes ($19.99), created by Konami, available from October 1st – October 15th. Ground Zeroes was available back in August for Xbox One. For the remainder of the month, October 16th – October 31st, The Walking Dead: The Complete 1st Season ($24.99) will be available for download. What better way to celebrate Halloween than to fight against the odds for survival during a zombie apocalypse? Created by Telltale Games, the first season surrounds Lee, an ex-college professor turned con, and Clementine, an abandoned young girl, as they try to survive the apocalypse together. When playing, the choices you make affect the story-line in crucial ways.

On Xbox One, for the entire month of October, Valiant Hearts: The Great War ($14.99) will be made available for all Gold subscribers. Valiant Hearts, made by Ubisoft Montpelier, follows the story of Karl as he gets drafted into the German army against his will, and being forcibly removed from his wife and kid. And, finally, from October 16th – November 15th, The Walking Dead: The Complete 1st Season ($24.99 USD). 

What a solid set of games that are now available to us. In total, we’re receiving $84.49 worth of free games. What do you think of this month? What do you want to see next month? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @BlazeKickTweet or my personal Twitter @GeminiTrinity.

Written by: GeminiTrinity

I'm a Communications major/Business major at New England College. I'm also an aspiring Director, Screenwriter, Editor, Producer, and Actor. I also make music videos, skits, and "Let's Plays" for YouTube.