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School-Live! Volume 3 Review

    Author: Norimitsu Kaihou Art: Sadoru Chiba English Publisher: Yen Press English Release: May 24 2016     In volume 3 we’re back at the school and this is where Miki really starts learning about those that saved her. Very quickly Miki gets annoyed over Yuki’s “delusions” confronting Kurumi

DOOM (Xbox One) | Review

It goes without saying that DOOM is an immensely influential franchise. When it first released in 1993, it skyrocketed into popularity, spawning a genre called “Doom-likes,” which we now call a “first-person shooter.” DOOM is still an immensely popular title, with a modding community still continually adding new .WAD packs

Haikyu!! 2 Review

A couple weeks ago I reviewed the first season of Haikyu!! and gave quite a bit of praise. Needless to say, I was quite excited for the second season so I watched it very quickly. Did it live up to my hype? This review will assume you have watched the first

Nintendo Unleashed – Episode 66: What? Birb is Evolving?!

Nintendo Unleashed is back with another great episode! This week, Conor, and Noah are joined by Jay to talk about Pokemon, Disney Infinity, and much more. *This episode was recorded on May 13, 2016 Plugs: Haikyu!! Review: High School Fleet Episode 5:… —————————————————————— ———— Support us on Patreon!

The PlayStation Point – Episode 5: Persona 5 Hype

The PS Point is back with a brand new episode. Join Kuro and Armando as the talk about Persona 5! *This episode was recorded on May 10, 2016. Listen to the podcast on Google Play Music:… Visit our website! Support us on Patreon! Follow us on Twitter!

Haikyu!! Review

I’m not the biggest sports fan. Even when I was slightly interesting when younger I’d much prefer to actually play than watch because I just didn’t see the appeal. I watch TV to experience things I couldn’t normally, what’s stopping me from going to the field with some friends and playing