Armillo Review



Developer Fuzzy Wuzzy Games announced early last year that they were planning on bringing Armillo to the Wii U eShop in late 2013. The game has suffered a couple delays since then, but has this quirky-looking indie title been worth the wait?


At first glance, Armillo looks like a blend between Super Mario Galaxy and Marble Madness. That may be true at the surface, but once I dug a little deeper I really started to appreciate how well all of the game’s mechanics work in tangent.

The main story consists of five worlds to rollarmillo2 around in. Each level sees you traversing a planetoid and grabbing as many collectibles as possible before making your way to the exit. Along the way you’ll be doing some relatively basic platforming, puzzle solving, and combat using a large collection of power-ups. Exploration is rewarded by making upgrades available for purchase in the game’s shop and through the unlocking of a plethora of 2D side-scrolling bonus levels. 

At its core, Armillo is incredibly fun. When paths open up, I always wanted to explore to see what I could find. Quickly but carefully traversing through a crowd of bad guys or blowing them to bits with a laser gun feels very satisfying every single time. The level designs are varied, and occasionally brilliant. A great amount of effort by Fuzzy Wuzzy Games has gone into blending various styles of gameplay into an immensely enjoyable package.


Armillo’s art style is simple but vibrant. Some areas certainly impress more than others; for instance, a path will form behind Armillo when he rolls around in a snowy area. Admittedly, the game looks a bit rough around the edges at times due to some iffy textures and models.armillo3

The audio presentation is definitely one of Armillo’s strong suits. The game features a large soundtrack with different songs for each area, and they all fit the respective environments quite well. The sound effects blend in well, too. Notably, the orbs play a different note each time you pick one of them up, forming a basic melody of their own. Surprisingly for an indie title, some of the dialogue in Armillo is fully voiced! 


Armillo is undoubtedly a stand-out indie title, and one of the better games available on the eShop. Whether you’re into platforming, combat, or exploration, this is one game you want rolling into your digital collection.




Written by: Noah Sabadish

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