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One of the first visual novels I reviewed on Blazekick was fault milestone one which I was quite impressed with. Since it ended with a cliffhanger I was obviously very excited when Sekai Project announced it would be localizing the sequel and that rose when I learned fms2 was being split due to, what I assume, being too big. It’s out now so let’s take a look!

*note: We were provided with a code from Sekai Project for this review.




If you expected us to start anywhere besides the confrontation with Melano you clearly haven’t been paying attention. It felt a little anticlimactic though. There’s some funny bits, one I know other games have done before but it seemed so funny seeing a visual novel do it, but it seemed like the writers decided they’d rather deal with the new issues and deal with Melano and crew later so they thought of some reason to delay the fight. The crew end up on a boat on to their next destination where the story mainly takes place, The Outer-Pole. When arriving here they find a boy named Sol who offers to take them around and Ritona immediately doubts him (as any sane person should) while Rune and Selphine take a liking to him forcing Ritona to let him take them around. We get a few slice-of-life scenes before ending up at the entrance to an underwater city where we get our first glimpse of prejudice against Sol. I’ll stop going into specifics here.

There’s a lot going on in this story. CLOQCKS is looking for Ritona and Selphine, Ritona is basically mana drained, the mystery with Sol then another one introduced when that’s solved, the prejudice, Selphine’s personality switching to that of previous rulers and much more. While busy stories can be good I honestly think fault milestone two suffered from it. I didn’t feel nearly as interested in anything as I did with Rune’s story in the previous novel and the mysteries that did come up felt a little more obvious than those in the first. I also found the CLOQCKS characters interesting but they got very little development which disappointed me.



The art style itself is pretty much the same as the previous game which is great but there are some interesting camera techniques. The camera pans around to characters currently speaking or to make a CG look bigger. Speaking of CG there’s a lot which is impressive. Most of them are used during fighting or chase scenes in a group of 4 or 5 so the only show up for a few lines each with makes it even more impressive. Like the previous game there was a ton of sprites and no issues there, my issue with some backgrounds looking lower quality was absent so that’s a plus!



Again like the previous game the sound is amazing. Also just like the graphics department my issue of song looping was gone (or the songs weren’t played long enough for me to notice). There’s still no voice acting but again I don’t think it’s a big deal. If acting suddenly came in it might ruin the voices I already imagine the characters having.

Written by: Conor

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